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Quant MD is currently seeking additional talent:


1) CFO Designate :

Education : Applicants from Carnegie Mellon University or University of Pittsburgh currently pursuing (and nearing completion of) an MBA degree preferred. Applicants having an undergraduate or graduate background in electrical and computer engineering or biomedical engineering are encouraged to apply. US citizens and permanent residents only.

Job Description : The overarching role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be to orchestrate implementation of Quant MD's software-as-a-service cardiac imaging technology vision in an executive capacity, with the primary responsibility of Fund Raising through corporate networking, public relations, attracting angel investment / venture capital, as well as through NSF or NIH SBIR / STTR grants. The CFO will be instrumental in establishing a strategy for company incorporation and executing it while fully considering all legal / IP related issues relating to Quant MD, Carnegie Mellon University and current stakeholders / partners. The CFO will assist with the establishment of a solid clinical backing for the QuantMD technology by organizing physician groups to use the technology as well as encourage them to subscribe as early adopters of Quant MD's software as a service cardiac diagnostics service. The CFO will also oversee the fund allocation and execution of clinical trials as well as assist with the evaluation and execution of insurance reimbursement strategies, FDA 510k approvals and HIPAA compliance for all aspects of Quant MD's software and software-as-a-service technologies.

Compensation : QuantMD is looking for a partner in its new CFO and hence he/she will be entitled to company equity. The CFO may draw a salary from capital raised in the form of grants or venture capital.

Compensation for jobs 2-5 : Full time - Company equity. Part time – 9 USD per hour.


2) Software engineer :

Education :  Preferably holding a Masters degree, with specialization in image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Skills : Re-writing proprietary image processing codes originally written in Matlab, using C / C++ (OpenCV) with multi-threading, multi-core and/or GPU parallel implementation. Development of plugins for medical imaging software like Osirix (for Mac) as well as Paraview and ImageJ (for PC), while ensuring seamless integration of these platforms with Quant MD's image processing codes.

You can also apply for the above 2 positions through Pittsburgh Technological Meetup's Job Board.


3) Software engineer :

Education :  Preferably holding a Masters degree in Computer Science

Skills : Development of GUIs for Windows and Linux, comfortable using C/C++ in the capacity of scientific computing and computer graphics. An ideal candidate will also have experience developing code in Python for scientific computing and data visualization, and must also be familiar with open-source codes for data visualization / rendering. Applicants who have been involved in the development of a full-fledged open-source software, freeware or share-ware will be given priority. 


4) Entry level programmer :

Education : Undergraduate degree in Computer Science

Skills : Advanced knowledge of CUDA C++ GPU programming and specific experience with high performance computing. An ideal candidate will also have a working knowledge of code development using MATLAB.

5) iPhone / iPad app development intern :

Skills : having experience developing touch and gesture based applications, with a strong background in computer graphics. Experience using Flash, XML and dynamic javascripting (AJAX) would be a plus.

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